Werner Paddle Buttons

A shiny new set of Werner Corryvreckan blades arrived recently along with a set of Shuna blades.

I see werner has now recessed the button in the adjustable ferrule so it can't accidentally be released.  This prompted me to fit the button covers Werner supplied for the old-style shafts on which the button could be knocked. 

So our Ikelos and Cyprus now are protected by these covers.

I'm trying the glass blades as an alternative to the carbon foam core to see if they're more gentle on my left shoulder, which still has a few problems.  

It would be nice if I could be retrofitted with a solution.


wideblueyonder said...

I use Corryvreckan blades and love them despite having a shaft that is a tad too long - interested to see how the glass blades go. Did you order the covers direct from Werner?

Simon said...

Yes and they came straight away.
I've updated the page to show the link.

cubus said...

hi, i use a shuna with glass - blades - combined with the carbon shaft it is so light i almost don´t feel the paddel. i really love it. however the edges don´t like to get in touch with stone - so take care and have fun.

cheers christian