Waterproof Video Camera

I recently bought a small Sanyo CA9 video camera and devised a very simple rig which screws into deck fittings.
This is a VERY rough video, showing the shot I could achieve with the camera mounted on the furthest most fittings and the nearest.  As you'll see, the big problem is the lens just isn't wide-angle enough for what I'm trying to achieve.  Nor is the small lens very good quality.  For fast video in HD it's great, but not for a boat mount I fear.


Nelson said...

I've talked to you before about paddling cameras and mounts. I've been experimenting a bit with my Optio W20 and a rig I've made with pvc pipe, suction cups and camera mount nuckles. I'd like to see what you've mounted your camera on.
I also don't know why they won't make a remote control for these cameras, it would make all the difference in the world with the picture angle not to mention disk space and battery life.
I think your video came out great and the sound was good also (you must be spoiled by you production equipment). I find the wind is a big problem with the sound on many of my videos.
Thanks for sharing that. I hope you'll do more in the future.


Simon said...

Hi Nelson
The mount is a short length of wood with a right angle bracket on the bottom. The camera is clamped to the wood.

I removed a deck fitting and put the screw through the angle bracket to hold it in place. Not elegant, but I have something better in mind.

However, Duncan seems to have found a good mount

The results from an Optio camera are very good.