New Podcast - Scotland to Faroes by Kayak recorded today

Kayaking history is yours for the listening.

Listen to or download a fourteen minute interview with Patrick Winterton about his truly epic journey with Mick Berwick - the first people to kayak from Scotland to the Faroe Islands.

Recorded on the phone this evening from Suderoy, Patrick tells of the problems they had to overcome.

With no water on North Rona the trip was nearly over before it began - how to get past that? The sores. The head game. The tides and weather. And the utterly amazing reception. When they finally worked out where they were - not Famjin at all but Vagar. Our camera team only just made it down the coast in time.

The community were on the look out. A fisherman spotted them them, and one phone call later there was champagne on the beach, a hotel, food, a lift for the kayaks to the capital, and, quite possibly, a ride home for boats and kayakers on a trawler bound for Scrabster!

Oh, and when they stood up, they fell over. You know where to find this? Your favourite Sea Kayak Podcast site. You can listen online at the Podcasts page, or download the file into your media player.

Subscribers will find the Podcast now downloads as an enhanced M4A file due to Apple's publishing system. If you want the MP3 version, you can still play and download it directly from the Podcast Library by just clicking the link.

Wifi facilities kindly provided by our friends, Bill & Sukie.


Dennis Holm said...

There is a video of their arrival available on the Youtube-channel of the news portal of SuĂ°uroy ( The video is here:

Solent Sea kayak said...

Awesome news Simon - very pleased they did it - looking forward to reading up on it and listening to the podcast. Thanks for the coverage at your end!

Simon said...

Thanks Dennis. I've embedded the video in the next post.