Kayak Storage Outside

Having no garage or boat-shed we must storeour sea kayaks outside, securely locked.

Until now, we've used a home-made wooden stand. But for a while we had five boats, and it was a real pain shuffling two out of the way to get to the others underneath.

So earlier this summer, we paid £350 for this 6 kayak rack from Kari-Tek. I've waited until now to review it because I don't automatically assume everything I buy is great. This is.

Apart from one niggle during assembly. The plates into which the cross-members slotted had not been welded on straight, and so the parallel insert didn't fit the tapering hole. I had to bash the thing with a hammer to get it together, but now it's up it works well. I could have managed with just a couple of flagstones for the feet, but a friend layed some concrete pads.

The two Cetus could fit side by side on one level, but since the fifth kayak has now gone, there's a little more room. There are plenty of points to which the boats can be securely locked and the whole thing is far more convenient to use. Nice one Kari-Tek.

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kit said...

Good system. Cheaper than building my new garage!