Kayak to Faroes - Now on iPlayer

If you're in the UK, or you can find a way to give your computer a UK IP Address, then you have seven days to watch the film of Mick and Patrick kayaking from Scotland to the Faroes.

The Adventure Show featured the Island Peaks race. The kayaking was cut into two long sections which fit around the sailing/hill running. If you just want the kayaking, spin forward to 14:00 in, and then again to 38:45. (Thanks MikeB).

I shot lots more than was shown here because we were hoping to get a 1 hour slot. It might yet happen.

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Richard said...

I just wanted to pass along some information to paddlers everywhere.

NOAA has recently proposed to close the west side of San Juan Island to kayakers. If you are not familiar with San Juan Island the one place that commercial and public kayakers can safely launch in in the middle of the proposed closure zone.

NOAA is using science that is inconclusive to pass regulations that will have a huge effect on our local economy and for all paddlers who desire the freedom to paddle the beautiful shoreline.

I have more detailed information on my blog

Pleas visit and follow the links to NOAAs proposal and to email address there to make a public comment.

Please help keep our shoreline open.