So What's In This DVD? - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Brett commented on a previous post, pointing out that I hadn't replied to Wenley's question about what the DVD covered. Sorry guys, my mistake. Which I shall correct now.

As I've mentioned before, this is two DVDs in one. One part of it is a four-day voyage up the west coast of Skye by a group of nine paddlers of mixed ability. This can be watched separately, or interlaced with the coaching sessions which wil crop up just as they're needed. The coaching sessions, the heart of the DVD, can also be watched separately.

The titles of the Coaching Sessions and their content are as follows:

Foundations - Body position. Edging and leaning
Forward Paddling - Lower hand. Upper hand. Combined actions.
Turning Pt 1 - Sweep stroke. Calm water. Rough water.
Turning Pt2 - Sweep stroke on the move. Calm water. Rough water.
Turning Pt3 - Bow and cross bow rudder. Braced turn, inside and outside edge. Linking turns.
Steering - Stern rudder
Rockhopping - Draw stroke on the move. Hanging draw. Bow draw. Really rough water.
Tidal races - Breaking in and out. Angle of approach. Confused water. The 'head game'. Exercises, such as eddy line spins with eyes shut

Some people will read that list and think, 'there's nothing new there'. They haven't been coached by Gordon.

In my experience, he can take a subject other coaches have covered and, by the way he explains things or by adding small, significant refinements, takes your knowledge of the stroke to a different level.

There was much more we wanted to cover, but that will come in Volume 2. I hope....


Brett said...

thanks Simon.

Really looking forward to this. Gordon's book changed the game. You mentioned volume 2, do you know if there is a volume 2 of his book as well?


Simon said...

We need Volume 2 (and 3?) of the DVDs just to cover what's in the book!

Will there be a Volume 2 of the book? I honestly don't know, but given Gordon has a house to build this winter (and beyond) it would be a while before he gets around to it.

I'd guess an 'updating' would be more likely in a few years.

Wenley said...

Thanks Simon! I am looking forward to watch your DVD for the first of some 400 times. :)