No More DVD Plugs

I was quite rightly chastised for plugging the DVD more than I was blogging.

The blog reflects what's going on in my life, which has been dominated by the DVD. But looking back, I can see you were right.

Thanks for pointing it out.

With the launch of the US / Canadian online store for the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, I think I can safely leave it alone. You know where it is if you want it!

So this is my final gratuitous post on the subject of the DVD, and it's to point out there are now three different box-types out there.

US & Canadian NTSC versions come in fatter, more traditional DVD cases, like the middle one in this little pile.

European PAL versions come in slimline cases. But there are two different types. The original pressing came in a black case, as on the bottom of the pile.

I ordered identical cases for the second pressing, but they were delivered in the tougher, more expensive clear cases. Actually, I rather like them. Since many of these will go into shops, I think the clear case might stand-out more.

There's another difference too. The new PAL versions feature the new logo of one of our sponsors, Valley Sea Kayaks.

So that's it - any more mentions of this damn DVD will have to earn their place on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

On the other hand, it was a fascinating and open account of what it takes to produce and successfully launch a DVD, so no regrets about the plugging.
And I certainly would not mind you commenting on how your experience continues to develop, and whatever differences you find between Europe and other markets, even if a bit of a push is included... Thank you!