Freya Hoffmeister Completes Australia Ciurcumnavigation

A far cry from when this photo was taken! Freya stood for hours in the Sound of Iona in October 2006, teaching people to roll.

Yet both are typical of her single minded determination. Hearty congratulations.

Freya - 332 days, of which 245 were paddling.
Paul Caffyn 361 days, of which 257 were paddling.
No-one else.

From The Australian - "I'm hungry and I need to get out of my swimsuit".



RobM said...

Correction: Paul Caffyn did it in 361 days, not 261!

Simon said...

Whoops! Corrected. Thanks.

I've been thinking about Paul Caffyn's trip, the first time anyone successfully solo circumnavigated Australia in a kayak. That was 1982.

27 years later, with all the developments in kayak and paddle design, not to mention other kit, Freya cut 'only' 12 paddling days from this unfeasibly long voyage.

I say 'only' because it is, without any shadow of doubt, an utterly amazing undertaking which leaves me humbled and terrified at the very thought. Yet I am surprised at how close the number of paddling days are, when spread over a period of a year.

It serves to re-emphasise how outstanding Paul's first voyage was too.


sjo said...

Freya spent 332 days not, 322. I do not know how many was paddling days.
I know journalists who actually verify their findings before reporting them :)

Simon said...

I haven't done too well on this one have I....