New Podcast - Arrow Kayaks

This is Nicolai Ilcus - or at least I hope it is, as we have only spoken on the telephone.

With Jesper Kromann-Andersen, Nicolai has designed and is producing a new make of Danish sea kayak, Arrow Kayaks.

Nicolai actually rang me to check the whereabouts of his copy of the DVD, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown which seems to be delayed in the Christmas post.

We started chatting about his new business, Arrow Kayaks. "Perhaps we could record a podcast some time?" he suggested. "Why not right now" I replied.

I've done some housekeeping on the website but you'll find it at with an MP3 version in the Podcast Library.

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sjo said...

Another interesting Danish manufacturer is X3M. Take a look at their website:
As far as I understand they are producing their kayaks in Denmark.