New Valley Skeg System - More Information

I spotted this at Paddle '09 and wrote a little about Valley's new skeg system. I now have more information.

Valley say they've totally redesigned their system from bow to stern with two aims.

Firstly, they hope to engineer out many of the potential 'kink' spots, where skeg wires can accidentally be bent.

Secondly, the new system is to be entirely self serviceable. Even on composite kayaks all parts can be removed and refitted without the need to glass-in any components. Every single part of the skeg system can be easily replaced.

This photo shows the slider unit on a roto-moulded kayak. Exactly the same type of system will go onto their composite kayaks, the only difference being the length of the cable and outer pipe used in different models.

For those who prefer rudders, they're now using the Smart Track foil bladed rudder system, which they say allows solid bracing on the foot pedals whle still being able to steer.

All this information should be on their new website when it eventually goes live. (It's taking ages...)

What the site might not reveal is that the engineering research continues. Valley reckon they've ironed out a lot of the kink potential, but they're working on another development at the skeg-end of the cable.

Precisely what, I don't know. Yet.

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