'Revolutionary' Kayak Paddle Blade Design (?)

This is the Raptor kayak paddle from Backwater Paddles. You might like to read the comments below!

That hook and saw-tooth design is not for hydrodynamic, although the company insist these don't suffer.

The unusual design is to allow paddlers to 'push off' or 'grab onto' objects.

In their Press Release they say The “hook” on the top of the radically designed blades affords the paddler the opportunity to grab onto lines, docks, trees, boats, swimmers, floating gear, or anything you can possibly snag. The “teeth” on the outside blade edge provide positive contact during any pushing evolution with the paddles.

Previously the company produced hand paddles with similar features. You can see on in use below.


Anonymous said...

You're not going to make too many friends when that paddle gets close to others at close quarters... They could also add a spike to help push off the ice in winter... replaceable in summer by a bayonet to spear those nasty big fish... and maybe add a paddle stroke counter in the shaft (but the "paddlestrokemeter" may yet to be invented)... anyway, thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a bitch for expended paddle rolling - great for canoe polo though!


corgimas said...

Since the "saw" parts are not equal it looks like they are just getting blades from someone and "modifying" them by hand?

do not worry..soon enough some kayak fisherman will take this into the surf and try to break out and then cause a bit more trouble....

Anonymous said...

Looks like these unique paddle blades would be perfect for kayak fishing!

Anonymous said...

The owner of the company is spamming all the forums with anonymous and fake IDs.
His main product is a ping pong paddle.
If you google map his address,it shows a trailer park and shed.
This looks very shady.