2 Awards for DVD - Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown.

Our instructional DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown has won, not one, but two awards for the Best Instructional Film on the same day.

I awoke to an e-mail from Dominique who'd been to the Reel Paddling Film Festival Awards in Toronto where we'd won our category. At 9pm tonight, a press release confirmed this.


Justine Curgenven sent a message of congratulations linking to her blog. Following the link I discovered her new DVD This Is Canoeing had also won at the Reel Paddling Festival. What's more her DVD has also won at the Waterwalker festval. Superb news for her.

I kept reading her blog, and Justine reports that our DVD had also won best instructional film at both festivals!

Double Yipee!

Full winners lists below:

Reel Paddling Festival Winners
Best Sea Kayaking Film: In Paddle to Seattle, J.J. Kelly and Josh Thomas use their homemade wooden boats to kayak the 1,300-mile Inside Passage from Alaska to Seattle.
Best Canoeing Film: This is Canoeing is a celebration of canoeing, showcasing some of the single blade’s most talented paddlers, wilderness explorers and whitewater adventures.
Best Whitewater Film: In Into Perpetual Ice five kayakers visit Greenland to explore the whitewater of this remote island.
Best Kayak Fishing Film: Kayak Fishing: Game On 2 follows big game kayaker Jim Sammons on a three-hour battle with a 120-pound tuna.
Best Adventure Travel Film: Finding Farley, in which Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison, along with their two-year old son, set out on a 5,000-kilometre trip from the Prairies to the Maritimes to retrace the literary footsteps of legendary author Farley Mowat.
Best Environmental Paddling Film: Facing East is the final descent of the mighty Yangtze River before it is completely underwater and transformed into massive reservoirs.
Best Paddling Documentary: Kent Ford’s Call of the River traces whitewater’s history with as many twists and turns as the canyons its pioneers explored.
Best Amateur/Short Paddling Film: Falling is a thrill ride and a poetic meditation about harmonizing with the awesome forces of nature featuring the waterfalls of Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico.
Best Instructional Paddling Film: Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown offers exciting, practical instruction while on a four-day expedition around the Isle of Skye.

Best of the Festival - Finding Farley
Best Canoeing Film - This is Canoeing
Best Environmental Film - Terra Antarctica
Best Adventure Film - Paddle to Seattle
Best Instructional Film - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown
Best Action Film - Let the Slave Run
Best Amateur Film - Armada


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gordan and Simon - well deserved.

Fiona said...

Congratulations! Well deserved indeed. Looking forward to the next DVD now.

MikeD said...

Simon, well done. A great job done by you & Gordon..... looking forward to the second DVD ..... ;-D

Miked Devlin

Erling said...

Congratulations! Well done and well deserved.
All the best,

Graeme Busby said...

Just reward, well done.

The 9 year old Gordon impersonators are delighted too, the CD is still a firm favourite.



Simon said...

Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes, which are truly appreciated.

Graeme, I was talking to Gordon about your wee lad and both he and Morag thought it fantastic! We're going to have to shoot some video just for him.