Business Videos and the Video Business

I finally made it home after a busy few days doing many varied aspects of this daft media business.

Last week it was scripting work. I was going through a rough cut and rough script, trying to turn the commentary words into something which flowed naturally.

Then I spent two days as a presenter in a somewhat home-made looking yet surprisingly effective studio in Inverness.

I'm part of a team developing, shooting and in my case, actually presenting some business videos which we hope will be ready April.

Finally, after the pleasant news of our DVD winning two Best Instructional Film awards, I have had the rather crass task of self-promotion. I've been writing press releases about the awards and sending them out to newspapers and magazine, hoping to appeal to businesses which might hire my business to shoot a video for them.

One story has already run online (not what I wrote, but it's fine) plus here and I hope I might find more in todays newspapers when I go through them.

I have another big job starting at the end of this week - and that's a cracker of a kayak film! More soon.

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