The Season - Episodes 1 & 2 Review

We're two episodes into one of the most astonishing media productions I've seen.

The Season follows five athletes through the season for their sport. There will be 22 episodes, and what makes this high quality production so radically different is the episodes are free.

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Arc'teryx are main sponsor, the content driving traffic to their website. Other companies add funding, some for specific episodes.

So what's it like? Episode One, just under 7 minutes in length, is where we meet the athletes.

Anya Miller, a boulderer trying to regain confidence after 9 knee operations.

Jonaven Moore, a professional snowboarderrebelling against the way his sport does business.

Scott Petett, trying to test himself against mountain biking elete.

Matt Maddaloni, a climber trying to design some protection gear to tackle a dangerous route.

Paul Kuthe, a sea kayaker who... well, that's the subject of Episode Two.

Those who've watched Bryan Smith's Pacific Horizons DVD will know Paul, but may not know the story behind his love of kayaking.

That's what Bryan starts to tell here. And what a tragic story it is too - I'll say no more.

But by now I'm hooked and I want to know more. I want to know how Paul aims to push the boundaries of this sport.

I guess that's the idea - I have to wait.

The production values are the highest I've seen in any 'adventure' film making, and I include my own in this. I'm utterly blown away by the camera-work. Every image is a gem.

I've already written about the astonishing high-wire work shots. I guess we'll see just one of those in each episode. They must have taken ages to rig and shoot.

However, it's so much more than just snazzy pictures. It's the music, the graphics, the scripting, voice-over delivery, and the structured story-telling.

It all belongs in a top quality broadcast TV programme, not something given away (apparently) free.

This feels like what the industry calls a 'long-tail' product. So I'm guessing this is going to turn up edited in a different form, on a quality TV channel, maybe in time a DVD.

Don't wait until then. Get it now. Free!

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brilliant Simon - thanks for the link :-)