Birthright Film

This video has made quite an impact on the surf and kayaking communities since it was released around a month ago by Sean Mullens. I was recently asked by a surfer friend in Hawaii, Eric, who is also a wheelchair user, what I thought of it. I've asked Eric the same question.

Some of the comments on the Vimeo page are worth reading, but I was especially interested in the film-maker's own disection of the video. Once you've watched the film above, take a look at the version below, on which you'll hear Sean Mullens talk about how and why he made it. It's one of a series of director commentaries done by DSLR Storytelling.


mike said...

Hi Simon,
great to see this is doing the rounds still, after seeing it for the first time, I spent some time contemplating my own minor & hopefully temporary absence from kayaking, I then posted links on all of the message boards & groups, facebook etc. It really deserves to be seen by a wider audience, it is inspiring in so many ways, and with the class filming and production, it is just the most moving piece I have seen on the net.
Thanks for posting....

Mike Devlin

Simon said...

Hi Mike,
I'm pretty sure it was your post which turned me onto this film in the first place. I now like the way the discussion around it has developed, including the comments from the film maker.

mike said...

I agree Simon, Seans comments give a depth to the film.
After seeing birthright I decided to group all of the films that I thought were interesting in some way, together.....
have a quick look at some of the folms here:

all the best