A 13yr Old To Attempt Everest

Uneasy, at the very least.

So far, 13 year old Jordan Romero has ticked off five of the 'seven summits'. The photo was taken on the summit of the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia.

Next on the tick list, Everest. Here's his website.

Dr David Hillebrandt is medical advisor to the British Mountaineering Council. He is quoted in the Guardian article, highly critical of the child's parents, saying ".. it's vertging on child abuse".

It's worth reading what Hillebrandt says, then listening to the kid on the BBC or in the video below. Or, for that matter, watching some of the many, many videos about this 7 summits attempt.


Anonymous said...

I just re-read "Into Thin Air" on the weekenk...
I don't think any adult should be allowed to intentionaly place a child in a place where one in four people die. Let him make his own decision when he's an adult - it's not as if the mountain is going anywhere...

Simon said...

Hi m

The more I think about this the more I feel sorry for the kid.

At thirteen I hated the outdoors. Now my life revolves around exploring wild places. What's this kid going to have left to do? Is his future being decided for him way too soon? Will he rebel, go the other way, and never want to set foot on a hill again?

Of course the skill in mountaineering (once past the physical skill) lies in making life-or-death decisions under stress. It's about judgement based on experience, and I cannot imagine a 13 year old will make any of the important judgement calls on these big climbs.

So even if he stay climbing, he might get the micky taken mercilessly! Might he become 'the kid who was hauled up Everest'? Like the child acting stars who never become successful as adults, will he have to prove himself all over again, starting from a much harder place?