Oban Sea Kayaking Article in The Herald

My friend Fiona Russell has a sea kayaking article in The Herald newspaper, also available online.

It was her first time sea kayaking, and she was well looked after by Stuart Wagstaff and the team at Sea Kayak Oban.

Or rather, the instructional side of the business, which goes under the rather cheeky name of the National Kayak School. Cheeky, in that this name implies some sort of official status which it doesn't have.

Still, good publicity for the sort and the area. Coaching in the same area is also available from Tony at SeaFreedom Kayak and Ken at Sea Kayak Scotland.


paddlingOTAKU said...

for what it's worth I teach for THE NATIONAL OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SCHOOL. An awesome school with no national affiliation. I have to say I am continually surprised by how big the Scottish sea kayak community is. When I think of kayaking I didn't really think of Scotland, but I am amazed by the number of highly skilled paddlers, as well as how amazing the scenery looks. I am thinking about planning a trip....

Simon said...

You'll have to come - it's great!

I hope I wasn't too sniffy about the 'national' thing - it's a great marketing title.