Otter Bay

It's really called Camas Eigneig and it was there, on Easter Sunday, we watched this chap eat his lunch.

We arrived first, heading north to south down Loch Linnhe. We were paddling from Am Broilein, north of Kingairloch on an out-and-back route.

He was heading north, working his way along his coast and going against the tide, snacking when he could.

Aftera while he caught sight of us, or perhaps it was scent, and scarpered off the rock. But he didn't go far. Just the next bay where he felt safe.

The part of Morvern's shore is quite wonderful, presenting a huge contrast between the massive road-stone quarry of Glensanda and, well, characters like the one above. We also saw what might have been an eagle, gliding over the quarry.

The ship 'River Tyne' was being loaded when we paddled past on our outward trip.

The loading still wasn't finished a couple of hours later as we returned.

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