Refinement to Kari-Tek Kayak Roof Rack

It's not particularly pretty, but it looks rather effective.

The owners of this campervan, parked yesterday just down the road by Strontian slipway, have padded out the lifting bar of their high-top Kari-Tek roof rack.

It's the obvious thing to do I suppose. Just I hadn't thought of it!

I've positioned our (similar) rack well over to one side of the roof, precisely so the rack, when lowered, doesn't hit the side of the van. As a result it looks a bit lopsided. It's within the extent of the wing-mirror, but only just.

However, if I pad out the bar like this I might be able to move it in slightly. Another thing for the 'to-do' list.

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Jimmy Leeso said...

Yeh you done a good job with the roof rack there.

I have one for my bikes. I got a thule one from