Eckla Sea Kayak Trolley

This is how the larger, Atlantic 260 sea kayak trolley from Eckla comes.

Two wheels and an aluminium frame which folds out. The sea kayak or canoe is strapped ontop.

It's too early to say whether it's any good. We used on in Greece this summer and it seemed to work OK on fairly rough roads.

I read so many reviews of different trolleys before buying I utterly confused myself.

[edit: The best, as usual, was by Douglas Wilcox - it's worth reading his helpful comment below. Clearly we still have a lot to learn about using a trolley.]

I went for this one because we'd used it in anger, and also because it's imported by System X, who're also agents for Werner Paddles.

The key thing I learnt when testing it today was to push the thing.

This is counter intuitive.

Instinctively, you want to pull the kayak and trolley behind you, but this gradually eases the strap further down the hull. S

ince the hull narrows, the strap becomes slacker and the trolley starts to twist.

By pushing the trolley, you keep the strap tight.

How this works in practice, only time will tell!

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Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Simon, one problem with the Eckla design is that there is no central spot (eg an axle) between the wheels to loop a strap round then run forward round the cockpit rim. This would stop the trolley sliding back as the pads seem to offer little friction. Maybe you could run a strap from either side near the black pads, forward round the cockpit rim. You will find that it is almost impossible to push a loaded kayak up a rough gradient. It is back breaking pushing when the bow is low enough to prevent the stern grounding. A weak point in the Eckla design is the hole drilled through the aluminium tube just above the bend down to the axle. We had a new one break here on the portage over from Tarbet on Jura, on a hardcore track. The UK importer at the time would not recognize it as a warranty claim as this was not "the intended use". An email to the managing director in Denmark soon had a new frame on its way but the Ekcla has been replaced by a Kari-tek. We do a lot of rough portages and have found the discontinued KCS, Kari-tec and CTug both easy to use and reliable. Have fun portaging, it opens lot of possibilities.