Everest - The Ultimate Challenge. Errr?

Outside Magazine is reporting that around 300 people reached the summit of Everest last weekend. Three hundred in one weekend!

Last weekend I went kayaking with a lady in her sixties and, after looking very closely at a seaweed covered skerry, we realised far few people had probably stood on its summit.

Whereas this bloke swam under Everest, he says to 'raise awareness' of shrinking glaciers.


paddlingOTAKU said...

I used to climb seriously, and people always asked me if I could, would I go to everest. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago when commercial trips were just starting. I said if they would pay for it, I could spend the 65,000 to go to the Himal, and climb something no one else had ever climbed. I think this is doubly true today.


Simon said...

I was never that good.... Although I had a hankering for Ama Dablam, once I realised I'd probably have to pay someone to pull me up it, I refocused my goals.

Ended up on a trip to Alaska, bagged four first ascents. And a new wife.