Kayak TV Programme Webisode 3

So what do you think of this? Content? Production? I'd be very interested to know. I'm trying to decide whether SeaKayakPodcasts.com should remain 30 minute audio episodes or shorter video episodes.

Go behind the scenes at the 2nd annual Canadian Canoe Symposium and the National Sea Kayak Symposium to talk Greenland paddling with James Roberts from learntokayak.ca, Scott Ewart teaches how to paddle faster, and the man behind paddlinginstructor.com David H. Johnson shares about flares.


David H. Johnston said...

Personally, I'm a fan of the 30 min audio as it allows you to get into more detail with the person or topic you are covering.

Video is nice but the depth of the interview always gets cut down.

In my case, audio is easier to consume in my iPhone then video as I can do other stuff while listening along.

David J.

Simon said...

Hi David - thanks for that.

Any other comments from anyone else hugely appreciated.

Douglas Wilcox said...

Another vote for audio 30mins from me Simon.

Anonymous said...

Audio would be preferred by myself too, I can't watch a video while driving ;) An occasional video episode only where it would really compliment the content might be okay and would work well for reeling new people in to the podcasts!

Simon said...

Thanks Douglas and John.

Good idea about the occasional video too John. I'll work on that.

Any more votes for video?

cubus said...

dear simon, being more the couch potatoe paddler type I would prefer the audio type. some advantages:
-> it is easier to be "transported" to any audio gadget like mp3 player. so I can hear it on my way to work or back.
-> video seems a bit too trendy. in case the video information won´t have any other values apart from seeing more or less well shaved faces it will be of no value for me
-> only in a "how to ..." series video might make since. for example Justine Curgenven is showing how to trim or boat, Simon Willis is giving a short cooking lesson about is most favoured one-flame-cooker-recipe, etc. etc.
so generally speeking please do stick to your audio format

Simon said...

Hi Cubua
Thanks for that. So I'll stick mainly to long form audio, but use video when it's particularly appropriate to the subject or 'story'.

Mike said...

Whew! I'm relieved that you'll be continuing with audio. That's my vote. I listen to your podcast on the drive to work. Not a good time to be watching video! ;-)

Video is great in certain circumstances but very hard to sustain over the long haul.