Lendal Announce "We Are Back"

Lendal, now owned by Celtic Paddles Ltd, part of Nigel Dennis' Sea Kayaking UK, have issued a news release and an information sheet about their plans for the future.

You can read all about their range here. Production should start in August, begining with sea, then whitewater then open boat paddles.

"At the moment" they say in their News Sheet 1, "we are in the process of shipping back all plant and machinery". Retailers interested in stocking the paddles are asked to contact them now.

And what about that nifty integration of the Welsh dragon into the new logo? Thistle no more...

However, as one contributor to the UK Sea Kayak Guidebook Forum points out, it is somewhat unfortunate they cannot correctly spell the name of two of their popular paddles, Archipeligo (sic.) and Kenetic (sic.) Touring.

Although my history of spelling on this site is not exactly flawless...

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