Video - Basking Sharks Yesterday Morning Off Tiree

They came to check us out as we kayaked from Tiree to Coll. The smaller, young ones were nearer the shore, grouped together as if in a nursery. The larger ones were feeding further out into the tide flowing between the islands.

They seemed to check us out by cutting across our bows and bumping us with their dorsal fins. It was very gentle, although enough to move the bow sideways, before the fin sank below the surface.

The experience was so mesmerising I almost forgot to take out my camera - the first time that has happened! We eventually stopped counting at 12 although we think there were more.


Anonymous said...

That's Fantastic Simon..
That's it I'm going to Coll...Tonyp

Simon said...

Hi Tony

The baskers were wonderful - just north of Tiree in Gunna Sound.

I was also amazed at how easy the trip worked using the CalMac ferry.

I'll write something about that, and post the page of photos from Coll tomorrow.


paddlingOTAKU said...

Impressive! A lot of marine life spotted this weekend with your basking sharks and the humpbacks in Newfoundland on two blogs.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Lovely Simon!!! Almost exactly a year ago (I rember because it's when I dislocated my knee, we had a similar experience in the same place with the basking sharks.