Sea Kayak Trail Broadcast on Radio Scotland

The interview Gordon Brown and I gave to Helen Needham was broadcast on BBC Scotland's Out Of Doors programme this morning.

My book, The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail was a loose 'peg' for the story.

Helen made a two part 'package'. The first was broadcast near the start of the show and the second was the last item.

It was quite a relief to discover I only gabble in two places. Gordon stepped in when I began talking nonsense about otters (in pt 2).

Helen says we sea kayakers are really into taking photos, and there's now a gallery of our photos from the recording on the BBC's website. Do you want to listen? If so, there are are three ways.

1. BBC Podcast - Only has the first of the two packages and starts at 7 mins in.

2. iPlayer - I think it becomes available here after the repeat tomorrow.

3. My recording - I recorded the programme for my own records. You might just stumble accross it here.

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