The Association of Paddlers / Coaches - New Organisation

Now this could stir things up. A new organisation for L5 coaches. It's still taking shape, but you can read about it on the new APC website.

'The A.P.C is a collaboration of Level 5 coaches across disciplines that provide the highest level of coaching and the training and assessment of NGB awards. These coaches are also active paddlers having their own adventures in their spare time, be it in the UK, Europe or on expedition.'

It is being formed by Olly Sanders of Rock and Sea Adventures and Rock and Sea Productions.

We've all seen the adverts by operators who advertise 'fully qualified coaches' with no explanation of what that means. Now look at that distinctive logo.

The new site says, 'A clear and simple way of helping people identify the highest standard of coaching in the UK. Seeing the logo, you can guarantee you will be coached by somebody who not only holds the highest qualification, but is also an active paddler passionate about his/her sport.'

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