BIG Tay River Descent Race/Tour as Part of Paddle 2010

The Scottish Canoe Association's annual weekend gathering in Perth is always a blast.

Last year the launch of our DVD, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, broke all records for attendance, and packed 250 people into the hall first thing on the Saturday morning.

This year, the organisers plan something different. They hope people will make a whole weekend of their visit and spend on day kayaking.

So Saturday will feature a descent of the RiverTay. There are three start points and the option to either race or 'tour' (ie not race).

People who take part in that, it's hoped, will then come into the hall for the workshops, talks and trade stands on the Sunday.

There may be one more 'attraction'. (I use the word loosely),

A small team of us may film the Tay Descent, edit through the night, and then show the finished item at noon on the Sunday.

Here's an early warning - watching me edit while suffering sleep deprivation will not be pretty.

I did not make the promotional film for the event, but I think it looks smashing and gives a clear idea of what's involved.

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