DVD Volume 2 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Occasionally I receive a nice e-mail asking when DVD Volume 2 of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will appear.

The short answer is always the same; 'when we think the material is good enough'. The long answer is more involved.

We discussed content of DVD2 ages ago, but we have not yet shot a single frame. Why?

Partly, it's because I found myself completely unable to visualise how it would look on the screen. I stared at my notes, time and again, but the mental pictures refused to appear. I couldn't work out why.

The reason hit me two weeks ago.

When Gordon had explained the content he wanted in DVD1, I immediately understood what it would look like, because he had coached me using the exact same techniques you see on the DVD.

I could see the pictures in my head, because I'd already watched them on the water in real life.

But Gordon's coaching of me stopped short of the content he wants to put into DVD2, which he describes as "Five star, and beyond".

I need to know how Gordon teaches these things; weather, navigation, advance boat handling skills, rescues and much more.

So I've signed on to his Five Star training course. It runs 7-10 September and costs £320, a curious but legitimate business expense.

I am absolutely not a five star paddler, and have no intention of seeking assessment. This is the best way I can think of to understand the content Gordon wants to put into DVD2.

Should we have done this earlier? Well, yes, obviously. But life intervened.

Since last year, Gordon and family have been building a new house.

For the last three months, Liz and I have been building a new extension.

And we've all been running our businesses, Skyak Adventures and Sunart Media. But DVD2 will happen. Provided I survive the five star training...


paddlingOTAKU said...

I think I asked quite a while ago about dvd2. Thrilled steps are being taken.


Sergio said...

Hello Simon
I've been following your blog for quite some time now. I think it's excellent, congratulations.
I bought DVD1 and I think it's a fantastic learning material and I'm expecting eagerly for DVD2. If I may, I would like to make a little suggestion for DVD2. Eveything looked great on DVD1 except for the little camera used to show Gordon from behind which was clearly not a HD camera. There is a HD camera with excellent filming options and its waterproof up to 30 mts. It's the Go Pro (http://www.goprocamera.com/)I think you could look into that. In my humble opinion.
Good luck and congratulations again
Greetings from Chile!!
Sergio Covacevich

paddlingOTAKU said...

'chuckle, chuckle'


Simon said...

Hi Sergio

Thanks very much for your comments and I'm pleased you like DVD1.

I share your opinion of that 'bullet camera'!

I already have a GoPro HD and have been experimenting with it. You can see one result here:

PO and I have been swapping notes, hence his friendly comment above. I have been working on different mounts to fit different part of a kayak, and I'll write a blog entry about those soon.

The most frustrating thing about the GoPro is a lack of viewfinder. However, the new Drift HD170 has exactly that. http://www.driftinnovation.com/

But it is waterproof to only 0.5m which might not be enough.

Finally, Sanyo have also upgraded (twice!) the small waterproof Xacit I used to shoot some of the journey.

So many choices... and things are changing SO fast that, when we actually start filming, they may all have changed again.

Best wishes to Chile from Scotland - we're all following the story of those trapped miners.

Sergio said...

Hello Simon,
Yes that's true. There is one camera with a viewfinder and it's waterproof, the Oregon Scientific ATC9K HD All Terrain Video Action Camera (http://www.oregonscientific.co.uk/)
Very nice camera with multiple options. I think you will like it.
Thanks for the support on the miners. We all are following the rescue progress, hope everything works out OK.
Best regards