Oban and Sea Kayaking on BBC TV and Radio

Scottish sea kayaking, and in the Oban area in particular, got a good showing on Reporting Scotland last night.

I'm a little miffed the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail, the initial reason for doing the entire story and why I gave up my time, did not receive a mention. I asked for my name caption to read: "Author- Scottish Sea Kayak Trail". You can see the truncated version which appeared above. Oh well, it doesn't matter too much.

I'm pleased Stuart Wagstaff of the National Kayak School and Sea Kayak Oban fared better with his business name given in full.

Perhaps it's worth knowing, just in case a TV crew come knocking on your door - agree in advance what you'll get out of it before you give up your time to take part.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking back to all those people I interviewed over the years... oops.

It was fun to do and I'm happy to promote the sport I love so much. Hopefully it helped the companies which gave us some kit for the trail, with fleeting appearances of my P&H Cetus, Werner Ikelos paddles and Palm Caspian cag and Kiakoura PFD.

What do you mean, you blinked?

At least I got a mention of the book on yesterday's live radio interview for Good Morning Scotland.

They couldn't cut that out. Ha! First answer!

With reporter Cameron Buttle, Stuart and I were stood on the slipway in Oban harbour, with the mini satellite dish on the promenade.


kayakr said...

They have spelled your name right. You are lucky! The TV-company did not spell my name right when I was interviewed in Sweden a couple of years ago.



Simon said...

Guilty! I'm sure I've spelled people's names wrong on their captions in the past.

It honestly is amazing how different things feel on this side of the camera. Odd, odd odd.


paddlingOTAKU said...

well done Simon. You might have a career in front of the camera!

Graeme Busby said...

It's great that the Sea Kayaking and paddle sport is getting such good coverage. Long overdue.

Well Done.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Excellent work - MikeB.

rashid1891 said...

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