At a weekend I try to write about something other than kayaking. The Labels (or Tags) for such idle weekend posts include the word 'weekender'.

Often it's video which caught my eye. I figure you'll be out paddling, so you'll whizz through the blogs, and won't read anything in depth.

I certainly don't want to write much! But today it's personal.

That picture is our living room. For three months we've been 'camped' in that room, cooking on a backpacking stove, while builders knocked down, and rebuilt, the end of our house.

Thismorning, after leaving his base at 02:30am and driving through the dawn, a delivery man brought our new kitchen units which we lugged into the lounge. So all living space disappeared. We have retreated upstairs. In a bungalow.

That's where I'll be watching The Great Climb this afternoon - will Dave MacLeod manage a major new route, live on TV, with a busted up ankle?

We intended to spend August on Shetland. So it's a little painful to read Mark Rainsley's blog, as he is having such a good time there. Next year perhaps.

So now I invite you to waste fifty two seconds of your weekend.

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