Filming on Ben Nevis This Week

Together with Paul and Lindsay, I've been directing a short video on Ben Nevis for the last two days. Today we're all heading up there again.

Three times in three days - my thighs are burning.

It's the UKs highest mountain and we're shooting for Triple Echo Productions, who in turn are making the video for the John Muir Trust.

Yesterday, the weather forecast was so bad we only took the small camera up the hill. Still, we shot some lovely stuff with photographer Alex Gillespie, one of the contributors to the video, who took that shot of us at work.

We postponed part of the shoot, hoping for better weather today. Now I'm worried we won't get it. Today we're carrying the big camera up to shoot key sequences, on the climb and especially on the summit.

But I'll let you into a secret. I did not carry that big, heavy tripod up each time - I stashed it on the hill in a dry-bag.

If it's not there when we reach the half-way lochan this video is going to involve an awful lot of hand-held filming.

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