Mid Life Cycling Crisis Anyone?

There was a time when a bloke, having mid-life crisis, used to buy a motor bike or a sports car.

Not any more, according to The Guardian, quoting a survey by Mintel.

We mid-lifers are just as likely to buy an expensive new road cycle (tick) or attempt a physical challenge like a triathlon (er, tick) or marathon (tick-ish, got sick and never ran).

Just when I felt like a walking, running, pedalling cliche - they threw in the kicker.

There's no such thing as a mid-life crisis. It's just a handy excuse for 'human misbehaviour'. Brilliant. All part of my on-going plan to age (dis)gracefully.


Silbs said...

Run and don't look back. If you sit too long you will never get up again.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've just entered both my first endurance adventure race and my first ultra-marathon.

Guardian could be onto something.

Mark R

Catriona said...

I know a hebridean man who is about to put a tick in many of those boxes.....scary stuff.....thankfully this Glasgow girl only intends to tick one - the shiny new road bike!

Trust you to find something like that Simon.

Cat Macleod : )

Douglas Wilcox said...

Make the most of it Simon and Mark! I don't run anywhere these days!


Simon said...

Thanks for all the comments folks.

Mark - you did awfully well with your marathon, but an ultra-marathon? That sounds really hard!

Trying to stay fit certainly helped this week when the old man (me!) was carrying the big tripod up and down the big bad Ben.

Cat - lovely to hear from you. Please tell me more about Mr Cat's plans!