Scottish Access Problem? Report It Here.

Faced with a Mr or Mrs Angry screaming "gerrorf moy laannd", most of us will quietly slip away. We don't seek confrontation when sea kayaking.

A fascinating thread is running on the UK Guidebook Community Pages, based around access problems at one place on Iona. I'd urge you to join the community and read it, along with many other excellent conversations.

Paul Cromey, from the Scottish Canoe Association has contributed some very helpful advice which could benefit all kayakers in Scotland. I've slightly shortened his words.

'... can I make a general plea. I know that when we are out enjoying ourselves, keeping notes and reporting an unplesant incident can feel like it is detracting from having a good time. However it is a huge help, indeed essential, for the SCA Access Officer to have accurate facts that can be presented to the relevant authorities, who will then investigate. The more reports the better.

We are lucky in Scotland to have agreed machinery in place to follow through reports - e.g. using Local Authority Access Officers, who investigate problems in their own patch. But it does need to be used. Lack of information will delay a resolution.

...if any paddler (from anywhere) has any access issue/problem, the agreed procedure is for the on-line Access Incident Form to be completed on the SCA website. Please encourage your friends to do so as well.

If you're ever planning to kayak in Scotland, that has to be worth bookmarking.

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