New Podcast - Sea Kayaking Israel

The place names in this podcast are straight out of history.

We recorded it in my van just outside Oban when Omer Singer led a Terra Sanata sea kayak trip around Mull.

Omer was delighted to be here while Liz and I listened to tales of Israel and thought, "we'd like to be there!"

I know some people find political issues with holidaying in Israel. I don't touch on that at all in the new podcast, and I don't think it's appropriate on this type of blog to go down that route.

Instead, listen to a podcast about, what sounds like, a great sea kayaking destination. Find it at Sea Kayak

Oh, and if you're thinking, "I recognise Omer but don't know from where...", he's in the video I made for Terra Sanata in the Seychelles.


謝雅柏 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

You missed/ dodged an opportunity for an interesting discussion here, Simon. I'm sure you know this, but every single one of those many active Israeli paddlers who keep cropping up in the videos and blogs etc is in the Reserve IDF - of course, they have to do this and their previous military service as a condition of their citizenship. This isn't a pro-/anti- Israel statement, it's simply a fact - one that keeps getting widely ignored in the paddlesport media. Some of these paddlers must surely have some form of opinion on this, and it must in some way colour their view of the sport. It'd be interesting to hear about this, maybe next time?

Mark R