Drying Kayak Kit in a Very Small House

Our cottage is tiny with low ceilings.

Wet kit freezes outside, so I came up with this way of drying our wet kit over the bath.

Two pieces of white painted wood, screwed into the ceiling joists, into which two white, fairly strong, hooks are screwed.

I passed a length of clothes-line through two white metal tubes, normally used as clothes rails, which I bought in B&Q hardware store.

The rails are self levelling and simply unhook when not needed. If cags, PFDs etc are hung on hangers, I can get alot on this rig.

Taking a bath or shower with them still in place is a little tricky!


Sergio said...

I guess if you take a bath you'll need you PFD...hahaha

Stuart said...

Nice one, just what I need. I'm fed up of my kit bringing down the shower pole with the weight of my wet kit. Just as long as you don't bring down the ceiling now! Very helpfull.