Relay Kayaking Cyprus to Israel - The Movie

The text below accompanies the movie - it's nothing to do with me! But it looks a lot warmer than here.

All those who have sat in a kayak and paddled westward from Israel’s shores have asked themselves the same question: How can one paddle 180 nautical miles (some 350 km) from Cyprus to Israel? This challenge of crossing sea area Crusade had been the dream of many, but had so far been unfulfilled.

During the summer of 2010 a decision was taken: It was time to realize the dream.

After discussing various options and scenarios, we decided we’d make the crossing in two kayaks, each paddled by three people, accompanied by a yacht for safety and rest. The paddlers chosen were all instructors at Terra Santa, the first sea kayak club to open in Israel.

Omer Singer, one of the paddlers and one of Terra Santa's founders, had shot this video with a small waterproof HD camera.

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