Tidal Power Scheme in Prime Sea Kayaking Area

Kylerhea is the narrow gap between the Isle of Skye and the mainland near Glenelg. It's a great sea kayaking area as the tide rips through here at 8kn.

Now it seems two separate companies want to install their own type of tidal power generation units.

The latest is MCT which, according to the BBC website, wants to place four units, like the one in this picture, in Kylerhea by 2013. They'll put a public exhibition in Glenelg before finalising their planning application.

This is in addition to Pulse Tidal, which announced in May that they want to put a device on the seabed, which would be fully submerged at all times.

Kylerhea could get to be an even busier place.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about this. If it means less pollution from CO2 emissions which may lead to more sea life, wildlife, stable climate etc. then it seems worth it.
Having not yet had the pleasure of kayaking through Kylerea sounds like I should get there soon. Alice