West Coast Kayak Challenge - an Adventure to Follow

Expeditions don't have to be to the world's far off places. There's plenty of excitement to be found much nearer home.

So meet Bruce - someone who has set himself just such a challenge in aid of a special cause.

I met Bruce on 5 star training at Skyak Adventures, and together we puzzled over the planning of a tidal crossing to Orkney. Having done some practical work with him on the water too, I have no hesitation in admitting he's a much better sea kayaker than me.

Bruce wants to use whatever publicity he can generate about his West Coast Challenge to help raise a serious amount of money for some good causes.

My advice was to start blogging early. Already you can read about his training and preparation for his voyage. He has managed a test entry from the water, so he can update readers while the challenge is underway.

So what is this challenge? And what are these good causes? I bet you already know what I'm going to say. You can find out everything on his blog:

Even with a voyage close to home like this one, there's a heck of a lot can go wrong, especially during the planning and preparation.

When it does, that's when Bruce has to force himself to the computer and write a blog entry, because those are the moments which will be among the most interesting for his readers.

Good luck!

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