West Greenland Kayak Building Course

Build your own custom-fitted West Greenland Kayak and make a paddle using traditional methods.

The course is run in July 2011 in Lyme Regis by the Boat Building Academy.

It costs just under £2000, but that includes all food (organic), accommodation and all the materials for paddle and kayak. So for the money you get a holiday and a kayak.

Seems like quite a good deal to me, and nice to think about summer holidays in all this snow.

Tomorrow - a new DVD goes on sale about building a Baidarka.

I was alerted to all this by Bill Samson, who you might remember from the Podcast I recorded with him ages ago (Traditional Kayaks 2 on this page, right hand side). We also shot a brief video about an Alaskan kayak Bill had built.

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