Expedition Communications

Occasionally kayakers seek my advice about getting the media interested in their expedition.

I break it down to before, during and after the trip - and help devise a separate media strategy for each, based on the details of their destination and goal.

Waterproof and shockproof, it Bluetooth links to your Smartphone and allows you to send a text at 50c (32p) a time. Like earlier Spot devices, it can also send your location and/or a preset message.

This means you can live update your blog, with your location, from anywhere in the world. That's major plus for people who expedition in places without cell-phone coverage. Like the west coast of Scotland!

However, you cannot make voice-calls over the satellite, or receive texts.

It will launch in the UK at the end of January costing £110 plus £65 a year annual fee. As it also serves as an emergency beacon, this could be the must-have piece of kit for expeditioners. Oh, and gap-year students.

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Mike J said...

This looks like it could be a worthy upgrade to my SPOT 1 device - with which I have been very happy.