Soon - A Visitor's Guide to Sea Kayaking off Vancouver Island

Now THAT is what I call whale watching! Look how close the sea kayak is to that Orca!!

One of the destinations I'm keen to kayak is Vancouver Island. Trouble is - where do you start?

With a limited period of holiday time, where do you base yourself, what are the must-see highlights, and where can you get as close to an Ora as in that photo?

At the weekend I recorded a great Podcast with paddler and blogger Mike Jackson, who lives in Victoria. Mike answered all my questions and much, much more.

He plays tour guide and told me all I needed to know. For those of you who tend to listen to my podcast on the move, this might be one to listen to again while at a computer so you can use Google Maps to follow his description of the different areas.

That podcast will go live on 1st Feb (-ish) at


Alan said...

Hi Simon
Podcasts are great keep up the good work.
I always look in on your page to keep me up to date.


Simon said...

Hi Alan
Thanks very much for takng the time to write - much appreciated!