Kayaking The North Sea

It was called the 'Shetland Bus'. During WW2, it was a daring means of transport across the north sea between Nazi occupied Norway and Britain.

The photograph shows the monument on Shetland to the people who risked their lives keeping the 'bus' running.

At his talk on Friday, Patrick Winteron told the audience he and Mick Berwick are considering attempting to kayak the same route.

The North Sea has been previously kayaked. In 1989 Franco Ferrero and Kevin Danforth paddled a pink double, nicknamed 'the spam boat' across in record time. I vaguely recall interviewing them on a Northumberland beach for the regional TV programme Look North.

If Patrick and Mick decide to get the bus up and running, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

This route has previously been attempted by Olly Sanders and a friend. God only knows why, the ferry works just fine.

Mark R

Simon said...

Hi Mark - I don't think they got far. Olly talked about it in his first Podcast, 'Norway' on this page.