Vancouver Island - New Podcast

The latest podcast at should come with a warning.

After listening to local paddler Mike Jackson talk about all the great options for sea kayaking around Vancouver Island, you're going to want to book a plane ticket.

Fortunately Mike gives really clear descriptions of the best places to kayak around the island. For any paddlers planning to visit, this is a talking guide-book. For best results, listen at home with Google Maps open in front of you.

I know the west coast of Scotland, where I'm lucky enough to live, is considered 'world class' sea kayaking. Vancouver Island sounds equally as interesting, with the added attractions of regular whale sightings (ours are rather shy) and other wildlife.

Years ago I applied for and received the emigration papers for Canada, even going so far as to tentatively line up a job in Vancouver. How different things could have been. But that's another story, probably best forgotten!

Check out this podcast, recorded over Skype, at Subscribe free and you won't miss a thing.


jean-pierre said...

Thanks Simon
Great podcast. Vancouver Island is a place I would love to visit and kayak. I better start saving for the trip.
All the best
Jean- Pierre

Sergio said...

Hello Simon
I know this has nothing to do with this post but I think this news is very good news to you too.
Follow the link


Simon said...

Hi Jean-Pierre, sounds superb, doesn't it? Glad you enjoyed it.

Sergio - I could have done with that today!