When Waves Freeze On Your Body

Imagine coming off the water looking like that! Ice encrusting your kit and body. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

This is Erik B Jorgensen and he features in the next Podcast at Sea Kayak Podcasts.com. It will go live on 2nd March 2011. Subscribe free with iTunes if you don't want to miss it.

Erik circumnavigated Denmark last winter, one of the hardest winters the country has experienced. He tells how he had to battle through kilometres of ice to come ashore some evenings.

Erik's attempt was picked up by the media and the whole country followed his GPS track, with people waiting on the beach to greet him and offer a bed for the night.

He also talks about his next expedition to paddle the Scandinavian coastline. Starting at the Russian border early April, he'll head South down Norway, follow the entire Gulf of Bothnia up Sweden and down Finland, finishing again at the Russian border.

Oh, and he only started paddling seriously in 2009. Erik reckons his special forces training probably helped. I guess so. Follow his preparations and adventures at komud.dk

Look out for the Podcast coming in two weeks time.

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