A Good Day Filming Sea Kayaking DVD

Some days, trying to shoot decent kayaking video seems impossible. Conditions aren't right for the story; the sun is in the wrong place for the shot; and your fingers feel as dexterous on the camera controls as a bunch of bananas.

Yesterday was, emphatically, not one of those days. Everything just clicked into place. The resulting video looks quite good, and the stills, shot by Rowland Woollven are nice too.

The sea was rough enough, and white enough, to make most paddlers a little cautious about getting too close to rocks. So we did. Right into the middle of them. Three video cameras running to capture different angles and shot sizes.

"Are you happy enough to capsize here Janice?", Gordon asked our volunteer paddler. Listening over the radio mic I heard her reply, "Not really, but I will". Splash!

Next week I'll give more details about the content and launch dates of what we're just calling "DVD-2", but which we'll soon have to give a proper title. I'm rather pleased with the content we have assembled over the last two months, and I hope you will be too.

However, this week isn't over yet. A group of 8 clients arrived last night at Skyak Adventures for Five Star Training (which I wrote about last year).

I'm staying on the film their experiences. So I might get more...


JanSkye said...

Oh, the things one does for the sake of a mug of decent coffee - fab days all x

Hubert said...

Nice! Can't wait to see the results,
Recently DVD1 has made some turns in the player. Helpfull again at the beginning of the season.