Now We Can Go Kayaking - Orkney & Shetland

I've spent the first part of this year shooting video and taking still pictures of people kayaking.

This has involved quite a lot of paddling into different locations, including a trip down Loch Seaforth in the Outer Hebs.

It has all been great fun. But it's not the same as going kayaking only for fun.

So with most of the coaching sessions for DVD-2 shot (and looking amazing!) Liz and I have decide to seize the whatnot.

Our house will be taken over by friends, who are preparing their boat for a summer on Scotland's west coast, while we jump in our van and head to Orkney and then to Shetland.

I've been to Orkney several times, but never to Shetland, and we've not kayaked in either place. So we're hugely looking forward to it.

I shall, of course, re-listen to Tom Smith's Podcast and study the guidebook Tom wrote with Chris Jex. I have lots of reading up to do on places to camp and kayak and bike over the next few days before we go. And ferry tickets to buy.

And a new Podcast to put live in the next day or so. I'm excited!

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