Survey - If You Kayak In Scotland

From the Scottish Canoe Association.

The Scottish Canoe Association (SCA) is carrying out research into Sea Kayaking in Scotland in order to help us understand more about where paddlers go & how often we get out.

With the rapid proliferation of marine renewable energy proposals coming forward, & the SCA being expected to comment on them, it would be useful if we had a better understanding of what sea kayakers are doing around Scotland’s coastlines.

Hence the reason for undertaking this survey.

I would be really grateful if you could forward the link to the survey to as many sea paddlers as possible please.

We want the views of members & non-members alike, plus those who live in Scotland & others that visit Scotland to paddle up here; so please forward the link to this survey to members of your club, colleagues at work & anyone else you know that is involved in sea paddling.

We appreciate your time & effort in completing this survey.

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