Video & More Details About DVD2 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

I'm delighted to say we have shot a lot of good stuff.

However, until it is edited we won't know whether we have to shoot more.

We're rather critical of our own work, frequently returning to subjects several times to get just the right shot or sea conditions.

When me, Gordon and Morag are happy, I'll explain all the different subjects we're covering and I expect I'll be able to give full details by early May.

Because the first DVD was designed to look like Gordon's book, the title was the same Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. On the back, in smaller print, we cautiously wrote the words, 'Volume 1'.

So the title we're working with is not exactly inspired, but seems inescapable: Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, Volume 2.

However, it's the sub-title to which I've given most thought. For now, I favour Rescues, rough water and staying safe. Goodness knows what it will be in a few months time.

If all goes to plan (a big if!), a cut-down film from the DVD will premier at Paddle '11 in Perth with two showings over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd October.

We also hope to have a few copies to sell at the show too, and we're aiming for a general launch on or around 1st November.

For now, each and every day we shoot throws up a fresh creative challenge. I turn to Gordon and say, "I don't know if this will work - I've never done this before". It is genuinely great fun.

One relatively minor first for me was to stand up in the front of a moving double sea kayak, part of an astonishingly stable raft with Gordon and Rowland Woollven, being towed by clients undergoing 5* training with Skyak Adventures.

It felt like mushing a dog sled! Since I doubt this will make the final DVD I thought I'd post the very short video from the head-mounted GoPro here.


paddlingOTAKU said...

Glad to see the GoPro is being used. I know I was using mine before you had one, but I can take some credit for introducing you to it?

If you need to have volume 2 prescreened feel free to send me a copy :-)

I am assuming that Gordon Doesn't have a volume 2 book to coincide with the video? Is that correct?

Very excited. Good shooting.


paddlingOTAKU said...

That should have said, 'can I take some credit?'

Anonymous said...

Are you playing a fiddle on that raft?
Good work Simon.
Cheers Tony

Simon said...

You know me Tony, I don't like to boast... (ahem!)

Hi PO - I don't know where I first saw the GoPro in use, but once you see two of them, running sync sound with radio mics to two shore based cameras, then you have some pretty neat editing opetion.

No, there's no book Volume 2 (yet) or even a second edition, as the first one continues to sell very well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon / Gordon,

Taking bookings yet for the publicity tour?

Dont forget your friends all the way down here in bonny Liverpool Canoe Club.

See you soon,