Kayaking to Knoydart Show (and Cleaning Up In Mallaig)

The plan had been to kayak, with our friends, to Inverie in Knoydart and have lunch at the Old Forge pub.

However, yesterday was one of the few days of the year when the pub was closed during the day.

It was Knoydart Show this weekend and a 'field bar' had been set up on the main street selling bottle and cans.

The tea shop was still doing food, but the place was thronged with visitors.

Fortunately, Liz had the presence of mind to pack some lunch just incase, so we sat on  the grass beside the main street and scoffed the lot.

Our friends were staying for the weekend, so while they made their way to the campsite, we battled our way back to Mallaig.

The north wind had risen and was rattle down the Sound of Sleat at about F5, sending waves crashing into the south shore of Loch Nevis.

This gave us a beam/front quartering sea which was highly... exhilarating.

Great fun, although I have slightly sore hips this morning from all the balancing.

It was our first sea kayaking in months and I'm simply not paddle-fit.

Back in Mallaig, as I set off to collect the car from where it was parked, Liz asked me to buy some black bin-bags at the Coop.

She was not impressed with the marine litter that had accumulated beside the slipway, so we spent half an hour picking up wat we could.

I have absolutely no doubt it will return within days, if not hours.  but at least it looked a bit better for a short while.

Back to the Pyrenean cycling tomorrow with the first of the Cols that has featured in the Tour de France.

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