See You At Edinburgh Mountain Film Fest in One Week

Next weekend I'll be at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival.

On Sunday afternoon I'm giving a talk called The Accidental Sea Kayaker.  Err, that's me, in case you were wondering.  

The talk is not as narcissistic as it sounds.

It's really about the joy of sea kayaking Scotland's west coast, writing the book about the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail and especially shooting the sea kayak films with Gordon Brown.  

I've been told to pitch it at a "generally adventurous audience, who're probably not sea kayakers".  I finished creating the presentation yesterday, putting in lots of video, some of it from behind the scenes.

I'm going to look on this as missionary work - seeking sea kayak converts.

Despite Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown winning awards at film festivals, this will be the first such festival I've actually attended.  The real reason is to see Alan Hinkes speak on Sunday evening.  

Alan is a friend I've fallen out of touch with.  We last met in London in 1995 when I was working on Newsnight, and I staggered into the production office the next day still drunk.  That's another story.  Which I won't be telling...

But I will try to get someone sea kayaking within sixty seconds.  In a lecture theatre.  I wonder if that'll work?

Oh - there's a PR piece about my talk at the festival in The Scotsman tomorrow, written by surfer Roger Cox.  Fingers crossed that turns out OK.

All of which means, for the first time in years, I won't be at the Scottish Canoe Association's Paddle 2012 annual show in Perth.

There seem to be a few notable absences.  

Lomo Watersports (Mark & Bruce), who used to sell crate-loads of drysuits at the show, do not appear to be on the exhibitors list.  Pesda Press (Franco Ferrero) and Skyak Adventures (Gordon and Morag Brown) don't have a stand this year.  Also missing is Stirling Canoes, although this might be because it is now only an online store).

However, there is an impressive list of speakers giving talks and workshops, with the emphasis apparently on competitive paddling.

There is also the Tay Descent on the Saturday - which I believe Gordon has entered.  He will want to do well...

Say "hello" to him as he flashes past.  Or if you're in Edinburgh I'd be delighted if you'd come to my wee talk and swell the numbers.  Please...

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